mixcover Lid holder compatible Monsieur Cuisine Connect / Monsieur Cuisine Smart

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  • Free hands, more space: our lid holder for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect / Monsieur Cuisisne Smart keeps both hands free. The question where the lid is over.
  • No blobs: finish with stains and seamrei in the kitchen. Mixed drips back to the pot when the lid is open.
  • Wow Effect: The holder remains simply in the lid - small, space-saving, invisible - but a great help.

Who does not know it? You are cooking with yours Monsieur Cuisine Connect / Monsieur Cuisine Smart, take off the lid, dripping the whole work surface full and have only one hand free. The preparation of food can ever be out of chaos - but now is finally finished! ThenOur lid holderisYour personal kitchen aidAnd keeps both hands free.

  • Forfast and secureof Monsieur Cuisine Connect-/ Monsieur Cuisine SmartCover at the top front. OneClean work surfaceis guaranteed.
  • The lid holder cansmoothwhile cooking in the cooking potn and sits tight and safe in the lid. The functions of yours Monsieur Cuisine Connect are not limited.
  • The cleaning takes place under running water or in the dishwasher.

Scope of delivery:

- 1x lid holder for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect or. Monsieur Cuisine Smart lid


Pay attention to the symbols for correct placement of the lid holder

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