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Tux bag - "Safari Lion (L)" for up to 32 tonies including accessories and Toniebox, lion box

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Lace miracle: The Tux tonie bag offers space for up to 32 tonies, the Toniebox, headphones and charger.

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: In playful and child -friendly design, the bag is a real eye -catcher.

Clever details: The carrying bag is practically divided inside, so that all important components have their own place.

Everything at hand: The carrying bag is perfectly divided inside.

More order does not work: The Tonie Box, the Tonie figures and other utensils are always at hand and everything has its place. Nothing stands in the way of the audio book and music.

The perfect bag from Tux for your Tonie Box including accessories. Take your tonies while traveling.

With the Tux Bag Safari in child-friendly animal design you are prepared for every adventure! The practical travel bag offers space for:

    • Toniebox

    • headphones

    • charger

    • Up to 32 tonies

Stories and your accessories are neatly combined in just one bag.

The Tux bag creates order and keeps all tonie accessories together. So the child can go carefree on adventurous trips!

The Tux bag offers a lot of storage space, for fun and fun. A total of up to 32 tonies, the Toniebox, the charger and headphones find a place.

Dimensions: 26x25x20 cm

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