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Product test: The new mixcover Juice Press Vs. The juicer of miracle mix

The new mixcover Juice Press Vs. The juicer of miracle mix

What distinguishes the mixcover Juice Press in the new optimized form of the juicer of miracle mix? At first glance, both makes factories are quite similar - Who offers the sophisticated product? (Dear: Which juicer can / offers more?)

We from mixcover were the first one such a citrus press as an additional product for the Thermomix have brought to the market, it isThe original. This juicer has established as a popular bestseller And is appreciated and praised by customers.

Thanks to great expertise and customer feedback of many ten thousand successively sold specimens, our engineering team continuously developed the juicer and perfected them.

The were offered mixcover Juicer in early u.a. About Amazon and the middlemen Wundermix, (((which until now no juicer press had owned make-up)))) The later juice presses owned his own make to the market.

((Out: Only in the light of the strong sales figures of our juicer and suspected by inside knowledge, miracle mix also developed its own, very very similar product - but let yourself be convinced.)))

In which product features differs from the juicer of mixcover From the miracle mix?

First, only ours mixcoverJuice Press The protected function of control of the amount of pulp. A simple switch between right and left running on the food processor ensures a lot or less pulp. Easy Like That!

This feature is a protected unique selling point and only in our juicer presses for Thermomix or Monsieur Cuisine contain.

Juice Press Mixcover for Thermomix Determine the pulp set with function

But not only that, the mixcover Orange press is characterized by anothervaluable additional functionthe end. SetTwo differently large pressure conescontain. Thus, as simple as oranges, even large and small or a variety of citrus fruits, from lime to grapefruit and even granat apples can be pressed to delicious fruit juice.

So comes with the juicer of mixcover Everyone to his freshly squeezed favorite juice!

True to the motto:
When life gives you lemons - make juice from it






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