You are a tinker, user or just a light?

Together with you and your ideas, we can make the world a bit more pleasant.
Smart people need smart products. We at Mixcover have an open ear for all ideas.

Does the idea fit to you?

No matter what it is - we are first ear. Nothing is not available - is in our idea forge.
Just because we do not have a suitable brand yet, it does not mean that we do not want to build them.


What if you steal my idea? We understand that you are worried! Join us in contact with us and we explain how you can secure yourself.
Small tip: If your idea crawls in the drawer before fear in the drawer, no one of them.

Only courage!

How do we come together?

Everything starts with a conversation. Whether personally, by video call or whatsapp. Just write us and we sit with you to a table.

Here's the first contact!

The abbreviation to us:

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