About Mixcover

May we introduce?

You take a food-crazy young team of cooking enthusiasts, engineers and
Product developers. And out, an incredibly fresh mix of delicious ideas that make the kitchen life still a piece of delicious, practical and more sustainable.

With the founders Timo and Philip Tütelt in Hamburg a young team of specialists. Idea, product development, packaging and much more. - in our Development studio we create everything with heart blut from our own hands! Giant drive are sustainability and the smallest possible CO2 footprint.

All under one roof:
Engineering, test workshop, photo studio, experimental kitchen,
Sales, Graphics & Social Media and much more. In the middle of Hamburg

Who are we?

We from the Mixcover GmbH - are an innovative, creative and passionate team based in Hamburg.

We have made it our task, the best additional products for the Thermomix- and Monsieur Cuisine to offer that combine design with affordability.

Our story started 4 years ago when the two friends Timo and Philip The brilliant idea had something special on the market. With their passion for cooking, they began to implement a product idea that on the largest market place as a must-have for the Thermomix established.

With hard work and a big high -rise they started with a small shop that quickly developed to the address for everything that has to do with kitchen machines - What makes us proud innovators of what we do!

What means Mixcover?

The team of Mixcover GmbH consists of engineers, graphic designers, product developers, e-commerce specialists, bookholders and video filmmakers who strive for you every day exclusively Quality products at affordable prices to offer.

We are proud to design the articles ourselves so that we are one Excellent craftsmanship can guarantee; this Attention to detail Make sure you only get first -class goods, regardless of your budget or lifestyle!

We also put great emphasis on sustainability; Protecting the environment is an integral part of our work here Mixcover.

All of these efforts have been noticed by customers across Europe, which caused them to make us on online platforms such as Amazon, Otto and Co. Excellent feedback About our service have given and many companies copied our designs due to success!

In short: The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, so we listen exactly to the comments and suggestions that reach us via social media or by email.

That helps us constantly developing new ideas And at the same time the high quality standards to maintain, even if the additional time costs.

So send us your suggestions, because they help us to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their purchase :).

Give us feedback!

It never Gets Boring!

But the most important thing is that here at Mixcover never gets boring because everything goes so quickly; Whether it is about developing new products, finding new partners in different countries, creating inspiring content such as video clips (also on YouTube and Instagram)!

The list continues ... We believe that taking risks makes life exciting and interesting.

That is why Timo and Philip still feel just as motivated after four years of collaboration as before.

And yes ... we are super proud to be able to say "Hey - we were a team!"

Immerse yourself in our product world!