Unser Beitrag zur Nachhaltigkeit Teil 1: B-Ware, zu gut für die Tonne! - Mixcover

Our contribution to the sustainability Part 1: B-Ware, too good for the ton!

Who is perfect?
Finally, it depends on the inner values. 
Small Scratches on the product or the packaging There are no reason to throw away the articles for us. If you vll functional are, there is goods With small beauty errors in our shop at reduced price. 


From us from mixcover Sustainability and responsible use of resources is very important. We avoid unnecessary plastic packaging, attach value to lean, sustainable packaging and also have the recyclability of all materials in view. 

Nothing goes into the ton!
Returns of all channels will be
examined by us. Whether you are at mixcover.de were purchased or as a return run of AMazon, Otto, Etsy, eBay and Co. to us Come back.Fully functional goods is recyclable!

Just because a packaging or a product has a small macke that is its functionality in none Weave affects, it is not equal to garbage. We consider it as an individual single piece with character that we would like to pass on for a special prize to loving hands. More than just a contribution to environmental protection - the mixcover philosophy.

here B-Ware shook

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