Unser Beitrag zur Nachhaltigkeit Teil 2: Retourenkosten - Mixcover

Our contribution to the sustainability Part 2: Return costs

Did you know that shipping returns alone in Germany alone annually 238 000 tonnes of CO2 cause?
This corresponds approximately to the environmental impact of Daily 2200 car rides from Hamburg to Moscow. That's the pure madness as we find!
Returns thus burden the environment enormously, ensure more packaging waste and additional costs.
We are our planet in heart because he is our home and that should also be for future generations.

That's why we decided € 5.95 for calculating returns. (The costs that arise ourselves for a return label are still clearly reflected, the personnel costs not even taken with)
STöbert in our shop and inform you in peace about the products.
Are you definitely missing product information to make a real purchase decision? Let us know! Write us a mail or call us. We answer your questions and help find the suitable product for you.
That's the way we can together unnecessary returns counteract.
That does not just make you happy, but also the environment and of course us!
If the mistake is with us, returns are of course free.


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