Was wir oft gefragt werden... Teil 1 - Mixcover

What we are often asked ... Part 1

Often asked question: I thought her belongs to miracle mix?

Answer: Sorry, wrong! Our brand mixcover 2019 was developed by the Managing Director Timo and Philip.

For those who are still a bit confused, it's easy. With the "mixcover"Colorful silicone lid for Thermomix Core everything! A simple idea that Timo and Philip broke together "times" to life. The product dropped like a rocket! The curled the Idea Factory and further Plieth's developments did not last long. So soon the first and only citrus press for the Thermomix and the silicone casserole dish on the market and turned out to be totaler Thermomix-Hype, which lasts to this day.

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About the time were miracle mix and mixcover Shortly distributor. Mixcover itself always stayed on his own legs and enlarged in the gallop. Unfortunately, in our view, the partnership ended out not quite comprehensible reasons - but one reason more for mixcover Fully kick on the tube! Miracle Mix has since sold remaining stocks of our articles ever since.

Since the beginning of 2021, a lively team of almost 20 employees swirled in mixcover Headquarters in Hamburg Those and the ideas factory works tirelessly. No idea is too crazy, everyone may introduce themselves - our customers are in demand. Whether this is new products or further development of an existing product, everything is welcome.

Fun Fact: And we do not just make in kitchen equipment! Also, the business segments we record are not limited. Just everything is exciting and what we like! And so gather under the mixcoverRoof also the brand start-ups 040parts, 040tools, moin minis and skin:kitchen.

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040parts Celebrates Van Life and delivers accessories for the camper bus lovers to make life on the road even more beautiful. The very little ones come out very big at Moin Mini. And at the end of 2021 we brought skin:kitchen On the market - our own natural cosmetics line, which makes the kitchen for beauty manufactory with its noble and vegan care DIY sets for kitchen machines.

It's all in The Mix!

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