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We are stronger together!

There are also companies like us elsewhere in Germany that develop and release innovative and functional accessories for the Thermomix.

That's why we have teamed up with our like-minded colleagues from the companies lid-up, TRIO-PARAT and Littfield .

Because in combination we are stronger, more creative and keep the idea factory running with new inspirations and developments.

When brainstorming together in creative workshops, there are no limits to the ideas.

A win-win situation for everyone, which is much more inspiring and also economically profitable than seeing each other as competitors.

Find out more about our cooperation partners here:


The likeable family business from Potsdam inspires with interesting in-house developments. The guys and gals from lid-up definitely like to tinker with new smart innovations just as much as we do. Their first coup was the lid holder called lid-up. The fact that the first product launched became the company's namesake is a funny match to our origin story.

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The cheerful and dynamic couple Cindy and Holger are behind the company TRIO-PARAT from Schweighausen near Koblenz. They have turned their passion for Thermomix into a business idea and inspire with their fresh ideas. By the way, the "O" in the logo, which looks like a triangle with rounded corners, is supposed to symbolize the TM measuring cup.

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Very interesting is also the Littfield GmbH from Steinfeld near Oldenburg, which also stands for innovative and functional Thermomix-accessories. They tinkered e.g. at a very useful tool, an optimally formed spatula, in order to scrape out the mixing bowl in the best possible way.

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