All beauty ingredients in a box!

Did you already know that your food processor is also ideal for making the finest natural cosmetics? Try it! Whether with your girlfriends as a beauty party or just solo - it's great fun! With our skin:kitchen You will receive DIY sets in a box everything you need: an understandable guide, all high-quality ready portioned cosmetic raw materials and noble crucible. And let's go!

Pur, vegan, organic & animal-free!

What else is not in the pack!
All ingredients are certified to 99.2% of natural origin and wherever possible for organic farming! Thus organic rose water supplies the skin with precious vitamins. Organic almond oil, organic cocoa butter provide deep-effective moisture and felt anti-aging effect.

Made in Germany

The recipes of our natural cosmetics were formulated with a lot of love & know-how in Hamburg. The DIY sets are completely made in Germany. Sustainability, recyclability and packaging avoidance are our drive.

Not high, but happy!

Our soothing moisturizer with the hyaluron complex spoils richly with intense moisture. She smoothes and cushioned wrinkles tangible. The ingredients help with cell renewal and calm the skin.
By the way: With this set you produce 150 ml of this finest natural cosmetics, in three noble brown load levels of 50 ml each. Wow!

Give Me The Hyaluron Power!

Cleaning me softly ...

Our organic rose cleaning mousse with the finest biorosis water cleans even sensitive skin effectively and yet caring. The practical pump dispenser is included in the set. And who preferably likes it - not foamed as Tonic Cleanser, e.g. for on the go, quite wonderful!

Her with the softie!