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What do I have to do as a partner? How can I advertise for your products? How can I earn money with it?
If you already have an answer to this question, then you can now here getting started.

Otherwise, we give you 5 tips on the hand as you can become Mixcover Partner / Affiliate. Do not worry, it's really not complicated - quasi money they are sleeping.

  • Email signature

    The best you place one of ours Email Banner in your email signature. You either add the discount code or your personal affiliate link.
    It's hardly easier.

  • Social Media Posts

    Make your crowd attentive to our products in your social media channel. Link your Mixcover shop link With your story, in your feed, your organic or accompanying text. Or do the Discount Out of the right moment.
    From the post office!

  • Newsletter

    Make your community aware of us through a special newsletter. Link the shop or distribute% with our discount code!

    Your influence counts!

  • Blog

    Reports about your favorite product and ask your customers directly to buy!

    The link to the Mixcover shop takes you directly to us or you look at it with a discount code.

    We like to hear from you.

  • How can I earn money with you?

    Per customer, who besides by your recommendation, you will receive a commission credited to your account.

    Sign up for us and get access to your conditions.

  • How do you learn when a customer has made a purchase by my recommendation?

    You get a personal link and / or discount code to our shop after logging in via the portal. All customers who enter the MixCover Shop by entering this link or enter the discount code and make a purchase, will be assigned to your recommendation account.

  • How will I pay?

    After we have unlocked you as a partner, you should definitely specify your PayPal account in the partner portal. We pay about it to achieve 50 euros.

  • Why the personal shoplink?

    If a customer enters our shop via this link and he takes a purchase, sales will be remunerated according to your partner conditions. Please make sure that the customer really has used your link, otherwise we can not pay you.
    (Or use the coupon code)

  • What is the discount code?

    Your friends, contacts or customers are certainly happy about a discount. With your personal discount code, we can not only give your recommendation a smile, but also at your account.

  • Where do I get advertising material?

    In your affiliate portal there are already finished pictures / banner / posts ...
    You can already get started right away.

    Do you have something special? Then you like to write us.

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