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  • mixcover Silikon Backform Kastenform Backform Kuchenform Brotbackform Königskuchenform mit Anihaftbeschichtung, Länge ca. 30,5 cm, glatt, orange - Mixcover - Mixcover
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mixcover Silicone baking pan box shape baking mold cake shape bread baking mold royal cake shape with aniecular coating, length approx. 30.5 cm, smooth, orange

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All in one: The multifunctional and modern silicone backform is suitable for baking various cakes and breads.


Non -stick: Thanks to the coating, nothing sticks to the baking shell. It is suitable for temperatures up to 230 ° C and is of course food-safe and BPA-free. It is suitable for this.


ROBUST: Due to the stable silicone, the baking pan remains in shape during the baking process. It is flexible enough to be able to remove the cake problem without removing the form.


SIZE: approx. 30.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 5.5 cm



the mixcover Universal silicone baking form for cakes and breads All ways, the perfect kitchen helper.


It comes in simple, modern form, does not help and is easy to clean.


Optimal size From approx. 30.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 5.5 cm


Indifferent colors available.


Scope of delivery: 1x silicone baking pan orange




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