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mixcover Steamy water vapor discount offset steam attachment extractoring mug furniture protection steam pipe made of silicone compatible with Thermomix TM6 TM5 TM31 Monsieur Cuisine Connect Monsieur Cuisine Smart

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Decorative items are not included in the scope of delivery.

No more damp kitchen cupboards: The steam attachment for the TM and MC specifically derives the steam during the cooking where you want and protects your expensive kitchen cupboards.

No moving of the kitchen appliance: Due to the clever water vapor, you no longer have to move the heavy kitchen appliance on the worktop and thus also protect the sensitive scale.

360 degrees: You can attach the attachment exactly to the position you need at this moment. To do this, simply place the steam attachment into the hole in the lid and turn it into the desired steam direction direction. How to protect your kitchen furniture easily and effectively from steam damage.

Quality: The Steam Pipe is made of high-quality silicone, flexible, food-safe, BPA-free and easy to clean. Of course, the steam discount is heat -resistant and dishwasher.

Compatible with: Vorwerk Thermomix, Thermomix TM6 accessories, Thermomix TM5 accessories, Thermomix TM31 accessories, Termomix Termomix, Thermomix, Thermimix, terminal accessories, Thermomix Accessories, accessories for the Thermomix, Accesories Thermomix TM6, accessories for Thermomix Friend, Silvercrest kitchen machine, Monsieur Cuisine Connect Accesories, Monsieur Cuisine Smart Accesories, Monsieur Cuisine Trend Accessories, Miseur Cuisine Connect, Monsier Cousin Connect, Lidl Thermomi, Monsieur-Cuisine, Monsenior Cuisine Connect Accessories.

Of themixcover Entertable for the Thermomix TM6 / TM5 / TM31 / Monsieur Cuisine Connect MCC and Smart Mcs Reads the steam in a targeted manner during the cooking and thus save the annoying kitchen and protect your furniture.


The tracery is made of robust, but still flexible, food-safe, BPA-free material. He is also heat -resistant, dishwasher -safe and easy to stow.


APPLICATION:Simply put the steam attachment onto the hole of the mixing lid and turn in the direction where the steam is to be derived.



Scope of delivery: 1x extractor accessories for Thermomix / Monsieur Cuisine Silicone

* applies to deliveries within Germany, delivery times for other countries please see the button with the shipping information (here you can link to the file payment and shipping).